Authentic Hand Therapy located in Medford, Oregon is a specialty clinic that focuses on rehabilitative treatment of the hand and upper extremity.

The idea behind Authentic Hand Therapy was shaped from 20 years experience in physical rehabilitation facilities across the US.

What makes our practice unique is that we built it with patience in mind: No, that's not a typo! Patience means explaining each step of the therapy process and calming your fears. We don't overload the schedule. We work with each patient one on one in an unrushed, comfortable atmosphere. We offer a variety of venue options to make visits easier for people with busy schedules or transportation barriers.

We live a lightning-speed lifestyle. To adapt, Authentic Hand Therapy gives people what they need from a hand therapist: focused attention and top quality skill. We offer visits at our clinic located at 724 S Central Ave Ste 107, Medford, OR 97501, online tele-health therapy, or on site at your home, workplace, school, or gym.

Even before the 2020 pandemic taught us to stay home, (and wash our hands!) Authentic Hand Therapy included telehealth and on-site services so patients don't have to miss therapy for reasons outside of their control. Consistent attendance leads to superior outcomes!

Vision statement: Authentic Hand Therapy redefines the outpatient rehabilitation experience by offering a variety of treatment venues, flexible appointment times, and one on one visits with the same expert therapist every time. We're the Rogue Valley’s choice when it comes to convenient, patient centered, upper extremity rehabilitative care.