At Authentic Hand Therapy we specialize in high quality therapy for all levels of hand, arm, and shoulder trauma: From complicated surgeries to nagging aches and pains. Our Certified Hand Therapist solves problems others may have overlooked.

We conduct one on one therapy sessions available anywhere: at our Medford clinic, online or on-site visits.




With over 20 years treating the upper limb, our hand specialist provides top-quality solutions, no matter how simple or how complex the problem is.



We provide 3 visit options: clinic, online and on-site. After hours and weekend visits may be arranged in advance. We offer expert care when you need it, saving you time!



We treat one person at a time with tailor made strategies to achieve the outcomes you want. We get to know each patient’s unique needs and provide the highest level of skilled care, explaining things in words everyone can understand.




Authentic Hand Therapy, LLC is conveniently located at 724 S Central Ave Ste 107, Medford, OR 97501.


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to make time for self-care. We offer virtual visits on a private video connection. We also offer home program reminder texts.



People are busier than ever. Not everyone has access to child care, reliable transportation, or the ability to leave work midday--making it challenging to arrive on time for medical appointments. We offer a way to attend 100% of your OT appointments for the best possible outcomes.


Heidi Wills hand therapist



       "I'll help you get back to your desired lifestyle using a personalized care plan, catering to what's important to you.                                                      I'll support you with a steady dose of encouragement, infused with a sense of humor!"

Heidi Wills is a Certified Hand Therapist and Occupational Therapist with 20 years of experience in physical rehabilitation.
She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University in June 2000 and treated industrial injuries in Lower Michigan until 2006 when she left to work coast to coast as a traveling hand therapist. She's worked with dozens of excellent surgeons and saw a diverse variety of hand and arm injuries.

In Northeastern Wyoming she frequently saw injuries from the oil fields and coal mines, ranching, and rodeo: think crush injuries, fingertip amputations, burns, elbow and shoulder surgeries. Maine's outdoor enthusiasts brought injuries from extreme river sports and fish and game work. Southern Maryland injuries came in the form of injured military men and women: digit transplants, grafts, and complex fractures. Along with Michigan's long, cold winters came numerous slip and falls resulting in wrist and elbow fractures and ligament tears; the "Big 3" auto companies were a consistent source of repetitive strain disorders and traumatic industrial accidents. The locals and visitors to Aspen's X-Games and World Cup participants needed custom splints under their gloves or molded around ski poles to stay competitive after an injury during a race. But the locals and visitors showed her that Colorado isn't all skier's thumbs and wrist fractures: Locals of Nordic descent with Dupuytren's Disease, arthritic 80-somethings who weren't ready to retire their yoga mats, and plenty of tendon repairs ended up in her treatment room.

Here in Southern Oregon, people want their hands and arms to stay flexible and strong to enjoy their retirement years fishing, digging in the garden, golfing, riding bikes, and tinkering in the garage. Working folks want to roll up their sleeves and get back on the job. Athletes want to hurry back to the gym or the playing field. Musicians want to make music.

After working around the country with various medical systems, renowned surgeons and through 20 years of medical advancements and social changes, she’s realized the value of hearing patients' fears and patiently working through their concerns, even when it takes extra time.

“Taking time to explain the treatment process is one of the most overlooked ways to help patients move through their limitations. Therapy can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. By explaining their condition and the treatment process in words they can understand helps people to relax and feel comfortable asking questions. Knowing someone is listening gives them back the reigns during times when they might feel helpless. It improves their opportunity for success."



I had major hand surgery on November 12, 2015 for Dupuytren’s Contracture that involved a skin graft from my leg and I needed hand therapy afterwards to re-learn how to use my hand. I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Heidi Wills. Heidi did an impeccable job of making me feel comfortable by connecting with me and getting me back to perfect health. I went from having half of my hand strength to winning the CrossFit Open Southwest Region in my age category at the time (45-49) three months later. Without the amazing therapy that Heidi put me through, this would not have been possible. Thank you Heidi for your incredible level of care. It made all the difference!

~ Erik Larson

When I first had shoulder surgery I was very concerned that I would not get my mobility back and that I would not lift weights again.
Then I met my occupational therapist, Heidi Wills. She was patient, friendly, and informative as to what needed to be done to regain my mobility and strength. She was honest about me needing to do the work at home or it was not going to be what I wanted.
I have Heidi to thank for being able to compete in powerlifting again and am now going to the Master Worlds Bench Press competition in May 2020. Could not have gotten this far without her. Thanks Heidi

~ Linda Park

"Oh my goodness. I broke my wrist while working out. Box jumps to be exact. Fell back, right on my wrist. I wasn’t sure how serious it was, until after I drove myself home. Then the pain started! I had never broken anything before. I was a teacher to twenty 2nd graders at the time. And I had just mastered the pull-up after months of practice!!!! I’ll be honest, depression set in a bit because I couldn’t do anything. Just sit and sleep. I missed being active. The silver lining to this was OT!!! Where I actually gained a lifelong friend in Heidi! I was so nervous. Scared. I felt weak in the knees when she touched my scar! Don’t worry, Heidi brought me a juice box and crackers. If I go back to that time, I actually feel peace. I looked forward to going. Heidi was and always will be, soooo easy going, kind, easy to talk to, a great listener and to top that off, knowledgeable in her field. She was always reading and researching new things! I remember how impressed I was at her level of skill. But not just that, but how easy it came to her and how easy she made it seem! ‘Not yet’. These two words changed my life and I quote them, and Heidi, who said them. I was feeling defeated. ‘I can’t do it’”, I whined! Heidi said ‘not yet.’ Words to live by! I remember a woman praying over me right after the injury happened. During that prayer, the woman prayed for healing...I wonder if she prayed I would find a friend in my OT?!"

~ Ashley Eischeid